Read, Write, Execute

I am a game developer with a focus in production and programming

I use my knowledge of the game development process to ensure games can be completed with the right team, at the right scale, in the right time. 

I research how to help game developers select effective tools, develop sustainable teamwork strategies, and maintain strategic awareness within a rapidly evolving field.

Games I played this year (2022)

Ah, it’s time for another games I played list. Getting to this before the middle of the year this year. I’m using a different structure. New games get their own slots, and returning favorites I won’t say extra time played, just total if that number exist. We’ll end with my qualitative awards for the year.…

Idea Fairy Visits – 2022

At an IGDA meeting this year, we got to talking about all the ideas we couldn’t finish. It can be challenging to see a project through to completion. In fact, Micha created a game about just that, called “Crunch Time.” – https://ghostmaple.itch.io/crunch-time . It’s based on a web comic about game dev, where it seems…

The “Other” Section

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Perhaps you’d like to see some of my other art?