Googled It: Adding multiple tracks in Audacity. Hotkey for adding a stereo track in audacity

I recently needed to add a whole bunch of tracks in audacity for separate dialogue lines that I was slicing for export.

There were about 30, so it was a lot of tracks

I googled “How do I add multiple tracks at once in audacity” and it was hopeless. This isn’t something that normal people do with audacity.

None of this was what I wanted

Next, I tried to google the hotkey for adding a stereo track. I thought there should have been some hotkey to do this, but I was wrong. There is only a hotkey for creating a mono track. Like…why leave this unassigned?

Very good audacity, thank you I guess

The workaround here is to press a few keys. Press these keys one after the other: Alt->T->N->S and that will add a new stereo track. It’s not very clean, but it’s better than hurting your wrist creating 30 new stereo tracks through manual clicking. Try not to go insane and get the order wrong.

This is as good as it gets

If google brought you here, hope this was helpful.

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