Not always related to games, but I also like to draw and paint. I usually don’t have the energy to do it on my own, but I get inspired by taking classes.


I paint in acrylic, it’s simple and easy to use. I prefer bright colors to realism, but with things that are easily identifiable and pleasing to the eye.

Oil Pastels

I was nervous using oil pastels as first, but they were surprisingly easy to use. It’s one of those mediums where it’s easy to be self-critical when you’re up close with your work creating individual lines, but taking a step back you can see the beauty of the whole.

The image I use for my personal logo is a Phillippine Eagle, which has many different names. My favorite is háribon, or “King Bird”.


I used to draw a lot, but not as much anymore. Still, I have some drawings that I’ve liked from classes that I’ve taken

The crow image series is from a short story I was writing about magicians and their animal familiars. The crow only became a familiar on the agreement they’d get to participate in card games, and got mad when another familiar (an ant colony) used their magical powers to help their mage cheat.