Commercial Games

Give the People What They Want (2022+)

As part of Starlight Vintage Studios, I was the producer and lead programmer on a VR game called Give the People What They Want, where you take on odd jobs, become your ideal robot self, and throw things at people’s faces.

Now available for purchase on Steam!

Also available for Meta Quest 2 through AppLab!

Are you a Voice Actor who wants to practice your craft? Apply to be a voice for the customers in our game! We designed this game to make it easy to add additional customer voices, and we’d love to have your voice in our game. Apply using this google form to get started!

Tools: Unity, Oculus SDK, FinalIK

Released on May 6, 2022

Oculus Quest 2 Release: January 2023

The Girl Who Sees (2019+)

I began working on this game in 2016 as part of Interintellectus Media. This 2D point-and-click PC adventure showcases Filipino history and culture amidst the backdrop of Japanese occupation during World War II. This game was created through a 2017 crowdfunding campaign, as well as through the support of the Filipinx-American community.

Available for purchase on or on Steam.

Tools: Unity, Fungus

Released to Itch in 2019, released to Steam in 2021, development has continued post-release