My game portfolio showcases projects I have made professionally, personally, and as part of academic projects. I specialize in virtual reality games and experimental games using new technologies.

This page currently has 2 major release games, 4 academic projects, 9 game jam games, and 5 tiny games.

The Girl Who Sees (2018+)

I began working on this game in 2016 as part of Interintellectus Media. This 2D point-and-click PC adventure showcases Filipino history and culture amidst the backdrop of Japanese occupation during World War II. This game was created through a 2017 crowdfunding campaign, as well as through the support of the Filipinx-American community.

Available for purchase on or on Steam.

Tools: Unity, Fungus

Released to Itch in 2018, released to Steam in 2021, development has continued post-release

Give the People What They Want (2022)

(Currently in active development)

As part of Starlight Vintage Studios, I am working on an action-arcade style VR game where you, well…do what the title tells you! I am working on VR programming with a focus on solid game mechanics within a rouge-like structure as well as implementation of VRIK with character customization.

Learn more about Starlight Vintage Studios at our website.

Tools: Unity, Oculus SDK

Estimated Release: Spring 2022

Locust Defense (VR) (2021)

For the 2021 iLRNFuser Game Jam, our team created a game to align with U.N Sustainable Development goal 2: Zero Hunger. 

Natalina, a farmer from Kenya, gets an alarming phone call! A swarm of locusts are heading towards her farm. Pesticides are no option and she is alone. She must defend her crops by picking locusts, setting rubbish on fire, and building a duck army to fend them off!

As part of a team of five people, I worked on the programming integration for the game as well as the Oculus Quest hand tracking implementation.

Download the APK

Tools: Unity, Oculus SDK

Cicada Town (2021)

Created as part of a team for the IGDA DC 2021 June Game Jam. I had the pleasure to work with the immensely talented Heiden who created the art and Saad Memon who created the soundscape for the game. I wrote the game story as well as implemented the visual novel using the Fungus engine.

Working with Heiden, we were able to implement bone-based animations using Unity’s 2D rigging and animation system. The game has 8 possible endings, and rewards players for each ending they reach.

You can play the game on the web at the link.

Tools: Unity, Fungus

Sole Searching (VR) (2021)

Originally created for the 2021 Global Game Jam.

You run the lost and found desk at the ball, and Cinderella isn’t the only one missing her shoe. Can you get the shoes back to the nobles and make US minimum wage ($7.25) by midnight?

In a team of 3 people, I worked on the 3D models of the shoes using Oculus Medium, I recorded the music and narration for the game, performed testing, and implemented some VR programming functionality.

Download and Play

Tools: Unity, Oculus SDK, Audacity

Roll With It (2021)

Created for the 8 Bits to Infinity Physics Jam

Roll With It is a physics puzzler where you must use your single switch to guide balls along a track into goal areas. You’ll often find that the switch controls multiple elements of the level at once, so you’ll have to time your presses carefully to make sure each ball ends up in the right place at the right time.

In a team of 3 people, I worked on implementing shaders with the Universal Render Pipeline and adding audio effects

Download and Play

Tools: Unity

Art Sort (2020)

I created this serious game with a partner as a part of a class at George Mason University. I worked on the programming for the project, and my partner worked on the content visual design. This game was created to test how VRChat could be used to create serious games. The players sort paintings by categories to complete puzzles inside of the VRChat world.

For a more detailed perspective on this game, check out my blog post: Taming the wild west of VR: 5 technical lessons learned creating the serious game Art Sort in VRChat.

Tools: Unity, VRChat

Unbroken (2020)

This game was created with a team as a part of the 2020 Global Game Jam. I set up the basic mobile phone integration system and the programming, and my team members created the art, music, and advanced phone integration.

For the 2020 Global Game Jam, I decided to use a technology called AirConsole which allows multiple people to play a game by using mobile phones as input devices. The game our team came up with was a rhythm-action game where the more people join and play the more powerful the main player’s abilities become.

Check out the game play video and my teammate’s video of the global game jam event.

Tools: Unity, AirConsole

V-RCade (2019)

This SteamVR project was created with a team for a class at George Mason University in 2019. I worked on the VR programming of the game and integrating art, sound, and other code assets. In this game, you can play commonly found ball-related arcade machines in 6 degrees of freedom VR.

For a more detailed perspective on this project, check out my blog post retrospective.

Tools: Unity, SteamVR

Reston Dog Spotter VR (2019)

This Google Cardboard VR project was created with a team for a class at George Mason University in 2019. We created a VR app where you explore the path around Lake Audubon in Reston, VA and watch videos of dogs that you find along the path. I worked on programming integration for the project.

For a more detailed perspective on this project, check out my blog post retrospective.

Download the APK

Tools: Unity, Google Cardboard

Desktop Builder (2019)

This augmented reality application was created with a team for a class at George Mason University in 2019. We put together an Augmented Reality application that helps guide users along the process of building a desktop application using visual object recognition in Vuforia. I worked on the programming integration as well as the visual object recognition system and object scanning.

For a more detailed perspective on this project, check out my blog post retrospective.

Tools: Unity, Vuforia

The Ten Minute Mortgage (2019)

I created this game with a team during the 2019 Global Game Jam. I programmed the game using the Quest engine, and my team created the art and contributed to the writing.

Mortgage finance intermediaries ensure that ordinary middle-class citizens can afford to purchase a home and pay for it over the course of their lifetime, without going directly to investors who want to invest in the housing market. This dystopian text-adventure game imagines a world in which companies such as Mortage-backed Security companies, mortgage lenders, and mortgage banks don’t exist, and you have to go directly to those investors to finance your mortgage.

Play the game

Tools: Quest

Stump Transmission (2018)

I created this game during the 2018 Global Game Jam. I worked on the programming for the game, and the robot advisor art was created by another game jammer. This project uses IBM Watson’s sentiment analysis engine to analyze text written by the player to determine if it is related to a specific topic and relates to an emotional context provided.

Tools: Unity, IBM Watson

Waverunner (2017)

I created this game with a team during the 2017 Global Game Jam. I worked on the programming, and my teammates created the sprites and background as well as the audio recordings. In this infinite runner game, the player uses a midi keyboard and has to play a correct key in time with the music to jump across platforms and make it to the end of the level.

Tools: Unity

Who is a Good Boy? (2014)

I created this game by myself during the 2014 Global Game Jam. The player is a dog performing a search and rescue after an earthquake, and they have to use their sense of smell to find people trapped under the rubble and dig them out.

Tools: Multimedia Fusion 2

You can download the game and play it from

Tiny Games

These games are experiments using tools or engines that I don’t have as much familiarity with. Usually made in 2-4 hours, they are meant as explorations into prototyping to learn new tools and development frameworks.

Squirrel Life

Be a squirrel, gather nuts, and enjoy a life of perfect peace and tranquility where absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Created with sok-stories, play for free online.

you gotta dig

To gather potatoes, you gotta dig. It’s hard work, but you can handle it, right? I wanted to play around with live updating Unity terrains, and it was harder than I expected.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Egg Sell Ant

You’re an ant and you collect eggs to sell. I wanted to create a game in Godot, since it’s an up and coming engine that is trying to compete with Unity and Unreal.

Created with Godot, play for free online.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Deckbuilder

Build a deck of cards, then play rock paper scissors against your opponent using your deck.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Bee Defense Game

I wanted to create a simple tower defense game, so I used the Unity Playground system to create one.

Created with Unity in the Playground system, play for free online.

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