Solo Game Jams

Stump Transmission (2018)

I created this game during the 2018 Global Game Jam. I worked on the programming for the game, and the robot advisor art was created by another game jammer. This project uses IBM Watson’s sentiment analysis engine to analyze text written by the player to determine if it is related to a specific topic and relates to an emotional context provided.

Tools: Unity, IBM Watson

Who is a Good Boy? (2014)

I created this game by myself during the 2014 Global Game Jam, including design, art, sound, and programming. The player is a dog performing a search and rescue after an earthquake, and they have to use their sense of smell to find people trapped under the rubble and dig them out.

Tools: Multimedia Fusion 2

You can download the game and play it from

Squirrel Life (2021)

Be a squirrel, gather nuts, and enjoy a life of perfect peace and tranquility where absolutely nothing will go wrong.

Created with sok-stories, play for free online.

Orca Quest (2022)

Created for the IGDA DC June Jam 2022. The theme was “Echo”, so I decided to make a game based on mechanics from Ecco the Dolphin. You play as an orca whale and you use echolocation to find various metal parts scattered around a sea of fish.

Programming: Unity. Some art by me.

Play for free online

Goblin Mode (2022)

A game where you have to become a famous social media star. But being positive all the time can be kind of draining. That’s when you have to go…

Programming: Unity. Music: FL Studio

Play for free online

Cardboard Humanity (2022)

A game where you play as a cardboard figure and have to beat all the other figures. Tested creating an alternative camera perspective and a non-standard control scheme. Results are…mixed. Comment on the page and tell me what you thought of it!

Art Contributions: MailmetotheMoon

Programming: Unity and the Fungus dialogue system. Music: 1BitDragon

Play for free online

Due Alley Tea (2022)

Created for the 2022 global game jam, where I was also the organizer. I had some free time, so I decided to make a game where you fly around as a drone and try to get people the right kind of tea. The theme of the jam was “Duality”, so in the game people ask for hot tea and cold tea.

I used the Altercation Character Generator to generate the people.

Created with GameMaker. Music created with 1BitDragon.

Play for free online