Tiny Games

F.R.A..M..E…R…A….T….E….. (2022)

One problem of game design that has always fascinated me is “what are the limits of a game engine and how fast can you reach them?” This game is about finding those limits and crashing your game as fast as possible.

Programming: Unity.

Play for free online

The Power of Three (2022)

A game where you have to match up musicians by their types. You need to find a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer based on names and quotes by famous musicians. If you form a good band, you’ll get a nice sounding song! If not…

Programming: Unity. Music: FL Studio

Play for free online

Space Garbage Truck (2022)

I wondered what a realistic space flight simulator would be like, and determined it would be disorienting and miserable. Collect garbage in your spaceship with the misery that is actual space flight.

Music was created by a fellow jammer, Pixxy.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Pal Pigdon’s Marathon Simulator (2022)

I decided to make a game that was an accurate simulation of what a marathon is like, after going slightly insane while training to run a marathon. This game will take around 2-5 hours to complete, about the length of time it takes to run a marathon.

Main character was created by a fellow jammer, Shadoulex.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Pizza Rat Quest (2022)

I was fascinated by the tiny-game-engine Pico-8, so I decided to learn how to make a game with it. I followed MBoffin’s Adventure Game Tutorial to give me an appreciation of how the system works. I might return to this engine eventually, but it was very challenging to use.

Created with Pico-8, play for free online.

Bombs Away (2021)

One person against a world that wants to bomb your island. Stop them using your giant fan to blow the bombs away!

Created as a short simple game using 2D force area effectors.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Spooky Interview (2021)

what could possibly be more spooky than a job interview

I wanted to see what Unity’s microphone functionality could do. This game records audio from the player and runs some analysis to determine whether they are successful or not.

Created with Unity, download from itch.io.

you gotta dig (2021)

To gather potatoes, you gotta dig. It’s hard work, but you can handle it, right?

I wanted to play around with live updating Unity terrains, and it was harder than I expected.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Egg Sell Ant (2021)

You’re an ant and you collect eggs to sell.

I wanted to create a game in Godot, since it’s an up and coming engine that is trying to compete with Unity and Unreal.

Created with Godot, play for free online.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Deckbuilder (2021)

Build a deck of cards, then play rock paper scissors against your opponent using your deck.

I’ve always wanted to make a deckbuilder game, so I tried to make the simplest prototype possible.

Created with Unity, play for free online.

Bee Defense Game (2020)

I wanted to create a simple tower defense game, so I used the Unity Playground system to create one.

Created with Unity in the Playground system, play for free online.

Cats (2019) 🐱

I really wanted to make cool levels in Mario Maker 2, but I was hampered by my lack of platforming skill. However, once I saw the Cats movie musical, I had a burst of inspiration and recreated the entire movie as a playable Mario Maker 2 level.

You can use this code to play the game in Mario Maker 2: V93-NMP-5PF